Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Could a day be any sweeter?

Today was like a fairytale.
I went for a walk to the commons and hung out for a bit in my favorite tree. After a while I got a hankering for an ice cream. So I climbed down and walked to the other side where there was a little ice cream shop across the street where they make their own ice cream in store. On my way there, I was followed by two boys on skateboards playing the guitar. Words can't even describe how happy this made me. They followed at a comfortable distance right across the street. It was magical.
On my way back to my original spot, ice cream in hand, I passed a mother and her young son (about 3) pretending to play baseball on the diamond. It was the sweetest thing to see as she pretended to throw the ball and then  'watch it soar through the air' after he swung his arms to hit a homerun.
I made it back to my spot and people watched for about an hour after that and then made my way to the local market to buy some items for dinner and a bunch of flowers.
I don't know how life could be any sweeter.

After getting back home I was preparing my lunch when I stumbled across this lovely sight

(Lunch was multigrain toast with tomato, spinach, avacado, and a fried egg. Yummm)
I hope you are all having a lovely day

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