Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spur of the moment

I had a spur of the moment mini photoshoot with my roomate a couple weeks ago.
Not much to say about it. I had just finished doing press shots for a friend and she was looking epic. So I figured hey, why not? She was willing. This is the result.
The hat she's wearing is passed down to me from my grandmother. Thats pretty cool.

Friday, 27 July 2012

We're all witches beneath the skin

Last month I got together with my friend Stephanie to do a witchy little photoshoot. We drove to the outskirts of the city and found a wonderful historical site that was perfect for this shoot.
After we got her all dressed up we headed down to look for the perfect backround. It didn't take long to find. Right inside the gates was a creepy little tunnel complete with stone stairs, water puddles and spiderwebs with a perfectly faint lighting.

We got a few odd looks from other tourists when we stepped out of the jeep/changing room. But she completely owned it.  It was a really fun shoot and she was great to work with!